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"We're an up and coming production team from southern Wisconsin"

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About Me- Sam


 I've been into filmmaking since I was a little kid. In about second grade I first tried to make my short film. The project didn't yield any result whatsoever. In fact, we never actually ended up filming anything. In around the third grade I started making stopmotion animations in programs like microsoft powerpoint. (If you want to see one of these, take a look at my old "Mac vs. P.C." video). A year or two later, after making dozens of animations ranging everywhere from 30 seconds to almost 20 minutes, I bought a copy of "Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12," and have been hooked on making videos ever since. We constructed a greenscreen out of pvc pipe and clamp lights, and I began to experiment with all kinds of special effects and things. I read countless books and magazine articles from publications like "Videomaker" and "Moviemaker" magazine, and watched probably thousands of hours of YouTube video tutorials. A few years later, I bought Adobe Premiere and After Effects CS5, both of which I am now very fluent in using. I began volunteer work at "Watertown Cable 13," a local community access station at 12 years old, working on dozens of shows and editing hours and hours of footage for various projects. At that same age, I also won honorable mention in the (then named) Unlimited Stock Media Cutting Room Challenge, a contest where the goal was to edit a package of stock footage into a video that told some sort of story. Now while, looking back, the quality of that video wasn't that great, they were impressed by the fact that a 12 year old with fairly limited resources entered a contest in which every other competitor was nearly twice my age at the time, or older. They said I had guts, and could go far in the filmmaking business if I kept doing what I was doing; and that's what I want to do. I've come a long way since I did that. I've done several weddings, two Public Service Announcement spots for an AIDS research organization, a project involving hours of footage for a nonprofit relief organization for Haiti, and tons personal projects and videos. I also had a video on my YouTube channel go semi-viral, getting over 150,000 views in a period of a couple months. That was a huge step, but kind of a one-hit wonder; I didn't follow up on the instant popularity with anything and it went away. In the summer of 2015 I started working as a video editor at the "Wisconsin Skydiving Center" in Jefferson, Wisconsin. There I edit the videos recorded of people's jumps into a finished project.


I've been working on several short films, including our "Guy vs. Wild" parodies, which won second place in the short film category and "best scene" at the Lake Country Film Festival, and our horror parody "The Sleepover." Currently I'm working on a new, much longer, short film called "the interns"


Even with all this, I still learn new information and techniques constantly. I still have a lot to learn too. My dream is to get a degree in film production in directing, and do what I've wanted to do since I was a little kid: that is, make movies.




my signiture Sam- Cable Station

Me operating a camera for Watertown Cable 13 in 2013

2015 facebook profile picture

Me in August 2015

wiconsin skydiving center me

At work at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center in the summer of 2015

apush movie poster one layer

My first 15 minute short film

Me filming

Working on some project back in 2011, when I was 11 years old

Mac Vs. Pc. Gun Pose cropped indiana shapes cover

Some of the animations that I made back in the third and fourth grade. My very first videos

jacob screaming

My first 150,000+ view YouTube Video. From August 2012