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About Me- Sam

I'm a film major at Columbia College Chicago from Watertown, WI emphasizing in creative producing.  I also have a mixed background in editing, writing, and several other aspects of production.


Film has been both my passion and my dream career since I was in elementary school and I've been writing and producing short films in some form since I was eight years old. I have an inclination towards comedy and things that are satirical in nature, but I love to work on projects in all kinds of genres.


I've worked part-time at a skydiving dropzone as a video editor and front manifest desk attendant for several years, as an intern at a community access cable station, as a concessionist and usher at a movie theater, as a paid intern at WGN 9 Chicago on the comedy late-night show "Man of the People" with Pat Tomasulo, and as an intern at Kurtis Productions working on the show "American Greed" for CNBC, while also producing web content for their social media pages.


I also really enjoy music, sports, art, and stand up comedy.


I'm super excited to be in Chicago at Columbia pursuing my childhood dream and I'm grateful for every opportunity to learn that I'm given.

I plan on traveling to Los Angeles in January 2020 for my last semester at Columbia.


Thanks for reading!



Sam- Cable Station

Operating a broadcast camera for Watertown Cable 13 in 2013 at age 14.

wiconsin skydiving center me

At work at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center in the summer of 2015 at age 16.

me jumpsuit


Pat leon and I

Me as an intern making a brief cameo on an October 2018 episode of "Man of the People" with comedians Pat Tomasulo (center) and Leon Rogers (right).

Suiting up for a tandem skydive at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center in 2017.

Bill Kurtis and I

Journalist and Documentarian Bill Kurtis and I after we shot a segment for the social media pages of Kurtis Productions, where I interned in summer 2019.